SiteBoiler AJAX Editor Demo by GeeKieR Enterprises  inline web administration app (4/7/2004) contact Grant K Rauscher regarding SiteBoiler editing interface for ZOPE

new folders and sites may be created inside this one from the contents section at the bottom of the editing interface

the lnkNav() script used at the top of the editing interface walks up the acquisition path until it finds the boolean property 'sbRoot' which is true - so for a new folder to be a new site, add a boolean property 'sbRoot' and set it to true... then add any SiteRoot or Virtual Host Monster objects

here's a Sample Folder set up as the root of a SiteBoiler site

drawbacks of SiteBoiler's ease of use center around confusion from inheritance... notice new items appear to inherit the body and description of their container by default, and URLs which are not exact paths work without notification (ones that can be simplified)